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Cellulite and Body Contouring

We are shaping a healthier, happier world one Body at a time

Welcome to our successful non-invasive body contouring practice. 

Dr. Jennifer Nardella is a leader in providing natural approaches to body contouring and the treatment of cellulite. As the first doctor to introduce Mesotherapy to Calgary, she has gained a broad range of experience in reducing spot fat accumulation and achieving successful body contouring.

Building upon her success in treating cellulite and reducing fat with Mesotherapy, Dr. Nardella was the first to introduce the VelaSmooth™ to Calgary. VelaSmooth™ was the first and only medical device proven to safely and effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Now there is VelaShape™, the next generation in non-invasive body contouring and cellulite treatment.  Dr. Nardella’s patients have the best advantages in pursuing non-surgical body contouring and cellulite treatment.  VelaShape™ is the only medical device that both smooths the skin and successfully reduces fat accumulation at the same time.

Before starting any cellulite or body contouring treatment program, patients are scheduled for a complementary consultation with Dr. Nardella. Also, patients will receive a complementary initial trial treatment prior to starting a treatment program.
Patients have two options for treatment.

Option 1 – VelaShape Only

Cellulite Treatment
VelaShape™ by itself is highly effective in treating cellulite. VelaSshape™ deploys heat to the adipose tissue that is responsible for the appearance of cellulite. Heating the tissue increases the metabolism of fat, and shrinks the size of the fat cell. Reducing the fat cell improves the smoothness of the patient’s skin. This is accomplished through the VelaShape™’s unique technology that combines light energy and radio frequency with mechanical rollers and vacuum suction. The suction and mechanical rollers massage the skin facilitating targeted heat penetration to the areas affected by cellulite.

Body Contouring
The technology of the VelaShape™ is also used to reduce spot fat accumulation and achieve successful body contouring. The VelaShape™ is used to deliver deep dense heat to local fat deposits. This heat increases localized fat metabolism and creates the desired shrinking of the area.

Option 2 – VelaShape combined with Mesotherapy

Patients are expected to receive the best outcome if they combine VelaShape™ and mesotherapy. The mesotherapy is used to boost the effects of the VelaShape™.

Body Contouring
This is what mesotherapy does best. Combining it with the VelaShape’s Contour Applicator for fat reduction provides today’s best solution for non-surgical body contouring. Here we are able to maximize patient comfort without sacrificing the results of a mesotherapy-only program.

Cellulite Treatment

Effectively treating cellulite requires the patient’s commitment for ten weeks. During this treatment period, patients visit the clinic once per week. Each treatment is approximately 90 minutes. The patient experiences a deep warm massage. After this first ten-treatment period, maintenance treatments are required to keep the results looking their best.

Body Contouring Treatment

Body contouring services are offered as a set of eight treatments. Treatment times vary from 60 to 90 minutes in length. The patient’s skin is suctioned to a contoured applicator that is the size of a closed hand. The applicator delivers heat to the localized fat deposit. The patient experiences a warming of the skin that is in contact with the applicator. The applicator is moved several times over the area of concern.
Many patients concerned with cellulite also enjoy significant body contouring benefits. These include circumferential reductions (e.g. thighs) and lifting and tightening of the skin (e.g. a lifting of the buttocks. Please refer to the VelaShape™ before and after pictures below). This adds to the treatment success without extra cost to the patient.

No Obligation Trial

Patients receive a complementary first treatment. Enjoy the benefits of smoother skin and/or trim unwanted inches. Get to know our treatments with no unnecessary costs. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Learn about our Patient Results using Mesotherapy and VelaShape™.

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